Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wind farms in Romania - needs investors

The ensemble of wind farms developed in the region of Moldova - Romania by the consortium of companies: Celsa Team Ltd, C & P Lands Ltd, Raggio Verde SA and partner company Gamma Wind Ltd, has a total approved production capacity of 642.5 MW, of which 418.5 MW are developed by the consortium of companies mentioned above and the remaining 224 MW by the partner company.
The specifics of this project consists in the achievement and the sharing of a single electric connection of 400 kV at the National Power System (SEN) by all wind farms with a total capacity of 642.5 MW, which will reduce unit costs (per MW) for connection to the national grid by dividing common costs of the connection between the companies that will build wind farms (in proportion to the power injected into the network) under a cooperation agreement already concluded.

The 418.5 MW capacity belonging to the consortium of companies, is distributed on the surface of six wind farms located as follows: four in Iasi County, one in Vaslui County and one in Neamt County.

 If you are interested in investing in this business, please contact as at: aici_comenzi@yahoo.com

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