Saturday, May 12, 2012

House for sale in Oradea - north-west Romania

 House with one floor with the following features:
Sqm building;
- 700
sqm land for construction;
The house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living, 1 kitchen, garage, dressing room, terrace.

All utilities: water, sewer, electricity, internet etc..
The residential neighborhood Diocese of Oradea.
¨The house is 12 km away from Baile Felix(a geothermal region unique in Europe)

Price: 90,000 euro

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Land for sale in Balie May 1, geothermal water -Romania


-land size: 18,300 sqm in Baile May 1 - Felix.
-land is right next to the lake with water lilies, which is unique in Europe.
-advantages of geothermal water and the land location is ideal for hotel, clinic, asylum

Price:10 euro / sqm


Building for sale in Oradea - North-West Romania

-3 Residential,  
-a dynamic area of the city, with 500 apartments, 1 bedroom, 2 rooms, 3 bedrooms,
-Rooms 35 to 200 sqm, finished turnkey with all utilities.
-Owners of apartments benefit here, pharmacy, mini market, gym, cafeteria, playground, private security and video surveillance.
-School, kindergarten, shopping center, private clinic, near the complex.
All apartments are available now sold in packages to 600 euro / sqm + VAT.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wind farms in Romania - needs investors

The ensemble of wind farms developed in the region of Moldova - Romania by the consortium of companies: Celsa Team Ltd, C & P Lands Ltd, Raggio Verde SA and partner company Gamma Wind Ltd, has a total approved production capacity of 642.5 MW, of which 418.5 MW are developed by the consortium of companies mentioned above and the remaining 224 MW by the partner company.
The specifics of this project consists in the achievement and the sharing of a single electric connection of 400 kV at the National Power System (SEN) by all wind farms with a total capacity of 642.5 MW, which will reduce unit costs (per MW) for connection to the national grid by dividing common costs of the connection between the companies that will build wind farms (in proportion to the power injected into the network) under a cooperation agreement already concluded.

The 418.5 MW capacity belonging to the consortium of companies, is distributed on the surface of six wind farms located as follows: four in Iasi County, one in Vaslui County and one in Neamt County.

 If you are interested in investing in this business, please contact as at:

Hotel for sale at the Black Sea, Romania

On a total surface of 14,375 square meters, has 344 rooms;
A small room of 60 places;
A restaurant with 900 seats to 250 seats on terrace;
A laundry
The hotel has, also,  a property land of  20,036 sqm ;

The hotel was built in years 70 and is in full operation.

Price: 6.000.000 Euro

Contact at:

The household villa in Arad - West Romania

Villa is located in Arad, has all utilities and is located in a very good position.

For sale is a house with a lot size of 1,556 square meters with two houses and several related
house from front to street has an area of ​​88 sqm and 88 sqm ground floor, a total of 176 sqm.

Year of construction is 1994 .

Price: 295000 euro

Courtyard house has a total of 180 sqm and 90 sqm floor that is 90mp upstairs
construction year is 1992

Both houses have all utilities:
electric current
central heat
Tv cable

The houses have a total of:
3 bathrooms
2 kitchen
A room
1 office
2 halls
4 bedrooms
2 workrooms
a garage

A hall with an area of ​​90 sqm
2 halls with a total of 60 sqm
Both halls have all necessary utilities:
electric Current

Also, on the ground there is a total of 18 aviaries for birds and green space with fruit trees.

Contact us at:

The services we offer

We intermediate sale and purchasing of real estate. If you are selling or if you want to buy any property please contact us. We have the possibility of promotion but also the search of buildings, all over Europe by collaborating  with other agencies, individuals.

Our commissions are minimal and are paid only in case of completion of such transaction.

We guarantee maximum reliability, contact us!
Where appropriate we provide financing for real estate brokerage long term, in favorable conditions.

Our team speak these languages​​: Romanian, German, English, Hungarian, Russian, French, Bulgarian.



Land for building in Arad County - For sale

8 km from Arad in the vicinity of a new neighborhood being built, we sell a lot of 90,000 square meters of land which can be divided into plots for housing construction. All utilities are in close proximity, the access road is the main road leading to Nadlac customs.

And the land has C.F. is unloaded.
The price is 15 euros per square meter.
The land can be paid in two tranches.
On request we made home construction
as well.

Contact at e-mail : with the following data: name and phone number where you can be contacted. We will contact you as soon as possible to present the spot property.


Thermal treatment clinic center for sale - in Arad, west Romania

Clinic has a capacity of 40 rooms for patients, a swimming pool with thermal water and jacuzzi, a restaurant and various rooms equipped with all facilities of a hospital medical alternatives.

Thermal tube has therapeutic properties, similar to those of Felix in Oradea and is certified in terms of Physiotherapy Medical Institute in Bucharest.

This treatment can be made using traditional techniques and herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs and other alternative medicine techniques for the following conditions:

     Chronic rheumatic

(spondylosis, arthrosis, dincopatii, etc.)

     -Sequelae after trauma
     -Complications of diabetes
     -Sequelae of stroke
     -Chronic arterial obstructive disease

We will address international institutions, offering them any way collaboration in order to reach as soon as possible internationally known through our services.

The hospital, reaches a value of 10,000,000 euros, calculating floor space inside at a price of 1,000 euros per square meter in the final stage. 
The price is negotiable!




Villa for sale in Brasov-near Bran Castle

The property is located in a geographic area of a special charm that attracts thousands of tourists annually and is therefore a inspiration for filmmakers around the world.
The property, located at national highway is a compound, well protected ["Saxon fortress"], offering privacy and comfort, with the potential for remodeling.
Rest home, hospital, factory, the sports, gardening, agriculture, agricultural farm, farm-raised horses having a barn, which was built for this purpose.
This house [the area: 900 square meters], has an interesting architecture [Saxon house], and it sells for sale: furniture, modern appliances and central heating: central gas methane are all included.
Construction and generous space makes suitable property for a good investment.

Total area: 1500 sqm
Area: 900 sqm
Total rooms: 7
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2 

Attic basement, attic for fine.
Garage: inside the property [having heating, the central gas-methane].
Interior yard: with landscaped park with mountain vegetation
Hall [barn], which is a massive brick building with a surface
tennis court field: 320 sqm and h = 20m, thick brick walls: 90 cm;
[Interesting for raising horses or other farm animals, agricultural farm, fish farm refurbishment, etc..]
Garden: 420 sqm, with apple trees, suitable: gardening - agriculture etc..
CONSTRUCTION: brick, concrete, tile roofs classic.
FLOORS: Oak flooring, tiles, marble
Heating: central gas methane.
SALE PRICE: 760,000 euros [negotiable]


Monday, March 26, 2012

Building land in Bucharest

Details: - 5000 sqm building land in Bucharest, neighborhood          
             -close to the road, 104 meters;
             - all utilities included, price 35 euro / sqm;

About us

We offer advantageous conditions in intermediate real estate services throughout Romania. Our offerings are: sales, rental, lease, concession. In our portfolio we have houses, apartments, commercial, urban land, agricultural land, pastures, orchards, forests, factories, farms, targets for investment etc.
 All on contract basis !