Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Villa for sale in Brasov-near Bran Castle

The property is located in a geographic area of a special charm that attracts thousands of tourists annually and is therefore a inspiration for filmmakers around the world.
The property, located at national highway is a compound, well protected ["Saxon fortress"], offering privacy and comfort, with the potential for remodeling.
Rest home, hospital, factory, the sports, gardening, agriculture, agricultural farm, farm-raised horses having a barn, which was built for this purpose.
This house [the area: 900 square meters], has an interesting architecture [Saxon house], and it sells for sale: furniture, modern appliances and central heating: central gas methane are all included.
Construction and generous space makes suitable property for a good investment.

Total area: 1500 sqm
Area: 900 sqm
Total rooms: 7
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2 

Attic basement, attic for fine.
Garage: inside the property [having heating, the central gas-methane].
Interior yard: with landscaped park with mountain vegetation
Hall [barn], which is a massive brick building with a surface
tennis court field: 320 sqm and h = 20m, thick brick walls: 90 cm;
[Interesting for raising horses or other farm animals, agricultural farm, fish farm refurbishment, etc..]
Garden: 420 sqm, with apple trees, suitable: gardening - agriculture etc..
CONSTRUCTION: brick, concrete, tile roofs classic.
FLOORS: Oak flooring, tiles, marble
Heating: central gas methane.
SALE PRICE: 760,000 euros [negotiable]

Contact: aici_comenzi@yahoo.com

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